In 2016 I got a commission that took place at The Fashion & Textile Museum in London. After I finished the job, I walked through the exhibition the museum had about English textile and pattern design and I fell in love with the work of the Collier & Campbell sisters.


When I got back home, I sent an email to Sarah Campbell. After a few days of seeing each other, we decided we would do a project together. She mentioned she had a massive archive of their work in Rye -fifty years of work left inside boxes. I visited Rye several times, looked at all the boxes. I found paintings they had done, the paintings applied to textiles, and the textiles applied to garments. With that, we decided we would do a photo shoot.


I put together a team of a stylist, Carol Gamarra, and make-up artist, RocĂ­o Cuenca. The series is the result of a two days shoot that involved several weeks of pre-production.


The work was published in the Australian art and design publication Frankie Magazine.

Collier & Campbell