Journals is a series that I started when living in New York City and kept on working on when I moved to London and back to Barcelona. It is a set of photographs that document life with my friends in which  I combine work that is shot with a Mamyia 7II and a Canon F1. The series juxtaposes photographic work with watercolor paintings and collages (done by physically cutting images or created digitally).



The series acts as a stream-of-consciousness narration, combining a document of my life with work that is more abstract and symbolic. The series plays with different formats and media, and it combines different types of framing and sizes when exhibited. I see it as a trip through my life and thoughts.



Journals is an ongoing series that I started when I moved to New York in 2012. It has a beginning but no end, it’s a journal through my life, a walk through my perceptions.



Journals was exhibited in Tabacalera in Madrid, Spain. The show was called Emergent Photography Of the XXI century and it was curated by The Spanish Ministry Of Culture.