Don Antonio was a Spanish man who took snapshots of his life from 1940 to 1990. He kept them in a box but never talked about them. He was a lieutenant commander and owned a keychain that read: Nobody is perfect except the captain. “Except me”, he used to say.



Nobody is perfect except the captain is a photographic series about the “unattended” narratives in the slides I came across after my grandfather died in April 2012. The discovery of these images sparked my interest in photographic archives; particularly in what was left forgotten over what the photographer’s focus had actually been.



In a family album, the photographer does the very simple act of portraying a relative or a friend so that in the future he or she can remember how that moment felt in the past. The magic of the images lives in their spontaneity and their lack of grandiose intent. In these amateur snapshots, the composition, the cropping, and the exposure are unpredictable. The stories in the background of the photographs are too and can expose the weird, the funny, the paradoxical, or the uncanny.



This collection highlights the unimportant parallel stories found in the “backdrop” of my grandfather’s life photographs. Zooming in and re-cropping the original photographs, I create a new set of images that I sequence in order to redirect the attention to “the other” memories; the memories that are there but no one takes the time to see, the unfamiliar within a familiar realm, the imperfect stories left around the captain’s perfection.

Nobody Is Perfect
Except The Captain